What you will see during your visit

ClinicFront (1)Welcome to Creature Comforts Veterinary Service. You’ve picked the perfect place for your pet’s needs!

Before you come inside, we ask that your pet be restrained, either on a leash or in a pet carrier. We are an extremely busy clinic, and you and your pet will most likely meet several other guests and their pets while you are here. If you are unsure about how your pet will react, or if your pet is aggressive, we ask that you please put a muzzle on them before entering the building. If you need assistance, briefly come inside without your pet. We’ll be happy to help you in any way we can.

ReceptionOnce you are inside, you should first check with our receptionist to let us know that you are here. We may ask you for some information, or have you fill out a brief form, and a technician may weigh your pet on the scale we have in our reception area. You can also take a look at some of the products we have for sale. If you have any questions about your visit, our receptionist will be happy to answer them.

WaitingArea2WaitingArea1Once you’ve talked to the receptionist, you’ll be asked to have a seat in our waiting room. You can select a magazine to read or just enjoy the television (which is usually showing something animal related). We have an information rack with brochures and literature on nearly all of the products we use and sell, and we keep a bulletin board of current animal news, events, and lost & found animals.

ExamRoom1&2ExamRoom3When your name is called, a technician will come out to meet you and escort you into an exam room. If your pet has not been weighed, the technician might weigh it at this time. We have three exam rooms in the front of the clinic, and a fourth room in the back, all of which have personal computers that are wired into our clinic network and database. Because we are a ‘paperless’ clinic, our doctors and staff have fingertip access to your pet’s health records, prescriptions and medical history from every room in the clinic. In addition, we have a room in the Annex dedicated to non-traditional care like acupuncture and chiropractic.  There is an additional waiting room in the annex.

Behind the scenes

PharmacyJust beyond the reception desk is the main body of the clinic, where the staff and doctors do most of their work. We have an extensive pharmacy that is stocked with common and exotic medications as well as homeopathic and alternative medications. We have a safe that we keep our controlled drugs locked in at all times, and drawers upon drawers of supplies with which to fill your pet’s prescriptions.

TreatmentTableOff to one corner of this area is our anesthesia and dental area. If your pet needs surgery or dental work requiring anesthesia, this is where they are prepared. All of our pet dental cleaning is done in this area, but it has many other uses as well. Minor lacerations are repaired here, blood samples are taken, and emergency exams can be given if all the other exam rooms are full with guests.

SurgeryOur surgical prep area houses one of our two autoclaves and is where all of our surgical instruments are sterilized and carefully bundled into kits for instant access in routine and emergency surgeries. Our surgical suite sits just off the prep area,and is filled with the latest in surgical gear and equipment. Our laser surgery equipment is the cornerstone of this room, but we have all the amenities of normal surgery and other equipment for major and minor surgical procedures. We have brand new anesthesia machines to keep your pet pain-free during surgery, and we use a regulating system called Bair Huggers to keep your pet’s body temperature at the proper level.

Sometimes your pet is injured in a way that can’t be seen with normal eyes, so for this we have both contemporary radiograph equipment (x-rays) and cutting-edge digital color doppler ultrasound equipment. We have an automatic radiograph processor which allows us to see the results in a matter of minutes. For your pet’s dental care we have our own automatic dental radiograph processing system just like those that human dentists use.

When it comes to diagnostic and surgical systems, you can’t find any better than those at Creature Comforts.

Intensive care

ICUexamTableOff the side of the main clinic is our Intensive Care Unit. Newly expanded and remodeled, we have more than forty small and large cages in ICU. We have an exam area and table, a floor scale, and several pieces of testing equipment. ICU also contains a full computer and telephone workstation so we can quickly retrieve information about your pet. We have technicians on staff in ICU twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, so your pet is constantly monitored and is never alone.

NewICU2On the front of each cage in ICU is tag that lists your pet’s name and brief information about it’s visit, along with a clipboard full of information that is continuously updated by our technicians and doctors. This insures that your pet is receiving the care and medications it needs to recover as quickly as possible. The information from this clipboard is periodically entered into our computer system, so that our doctors can monitor your pet’s condition even if they are in another part of the clinic.

ICUThe air of our entire Intensive Care Unit is quality controlled and processed through special filters and air exchangers to keep it safe and as pure as possible, and the ICU contains it’s own temperature control systems to keep the temperature at optimal conditions. No matter what the weather’s like outside, it’s the perfect temperature inside.

IsolationThe end portion of our Intesive Care Unit is our Critical Care area. Seperated from the rest of ICU by a sliding glass door, this area is kept as quiet as possible for our patients that don’t need to be disturbed. We have a small exam table in the critical care area as well, in case your pet needs medical attention in a quiet, stress-free environment. This room is temperature controlled separate even from the rest of the ICU, and can be quickly adjusted if needed.

OxygenCagesOne half of our Critical Care area is behind a floor-to- ceiling movable glass wall. This is our isolation ward, where we keep patients with extreme conditions or potentially communicable illnesses. This part of the clinic has restricted access for the safety of all our patients, and we have strict protocols for dealing with all items that enter or leave this area.

Another important feature of our Intensive Care Unit is our bank of oxygen cages. In emergency situations or as part of normal treatments, patients can be given strictly monitored mixtures of oxygen to help stabilize their condition. Because patients that need this type of treatment are usually under stress, we keep this area as quiet possible.

The “Other” Creature Comforts

The “annex” building that you see next door to the clinic houses the nerve center of Creature Comforts. Inside, you’ll find our main offices where our office manager and supervisors go about the business of keeping our business in tip top shape.

The entire building was remodeled to house our adoptable pets, a non-traditional therapy room, storage, and our main reception area .

On the second floor, we have an employee lounge and locker space.  On the third floor, we have a conference room, office space, and a bedroom, for those times when inclement weather prevents people from going home.

We refer to the non-traditional care room as the “Quiet” room.  The intention is that animals receiving special types of care will have a lower degree of stress.  It is amazing how the pets can figure out that they are about to get a massage or body work, just by going to a different building!

Thank you for taking a tour of our clinic. We have done everything we can to make Creature Comforts Veterinary Service the very best place for you and your pet. We hope you come to visit us in person soon!