X-rays, or radiographs, aren’t only for broken bones. X-rays of your pet’s abdomen or chest can allow us to evaluate their internal organs, so we may recommend these tests when your pet is sick. X-rays can help us diagnose conditions such as lung infections, tumors, foreign bodies, gastrointestinal obstruction, fluid accumulation in body cavities, and pregnancy. Our hospital is also equipped with dental radiography, an important tool to help diagnose and treat diseased teeth when your pet undergoes a dental cleaning.


Ultrasound uses sound waves to create a three-dimensional, live image of your pet’s internal structures, and can also be used to map blood flow through organs. Because ultrasound allows visualization of tissues in great detail, we use this imaging modality in many situations, including:

  • Diagnosing or confirming conditions that are difficult to see on X-ray
  • Measuring tumors, organs, or tissues
  • Guiding needle biopsies
  • Collecting urine samples

Ultrasound is also the most effective way to evaluate the heart’s structure and function in real time.