Off to one corner of this area is our anesthesia and dental area. If your pet needs surgery or dental work requiring anesthesia, this is where they are prepared. All of our pet dental cleaning is done in this area, but it has many other uses as well. Minor lacerations are repaired here, blood samples are taken, and emergency exams can be given if all the other exam rooms are full with guests.

Our surgical prep area houses one of our two autoclaves and is where all of our surgical instruments are sterilized and carefully bundled into kits for instant access in routine and emergency surgeries. Our surgical suite sits just off the prep area, and is filled with the latest in surgical gear and equipment. Our laser surgery equipment is the cornerstone of this room, but we have all the amenities of normal surgery and other equipment for major and minor surgical procedures. We have brand new anesthesia machines to keep your pet pain-free during surgery, and we use a regulating system called Bair Huggers to keep your pet’s body temperature at the proper level.