If you would like to submit a photo for the scrapbook, please include your name, a title and caption for the photo. Give us a few days once you send it, then check back here to see your entry in our Scrapbook!

Here are some photos that our clients have sent us!


By Shasta

We say goodbye to our very good friend Shasta today. She was a great dog! Badly crippled in her last year or so, she never quit trying. She and Smokey will both be missed. She died in Megan’s arms on the couch.

May they both “run like the wind!”

Best Dog in the world!

My family and I were so blessed to have Snowball with us for the last 10 years. Snowball was such a smart, happy, loving dog. You have made a tremendous impact in our lives and we will always remember you for that! You will be deeply missed ponch – Rest Peacefully in Heaven Snow .. We LOVE you FOREVER xo

Melissa Hernandez

Isaac is 16 today

He is failing a little but he is still with me. Love him to death will never be ready to part with him.

Cole R.

Cole R. loves spending as much time as he can exploring the outdoors!

Thank you Creature Comforts for keeping Cole healthy and happy!

Our 1st Christmas picture

This is Shiloh (L) and Savannah (R). They are sisters from the same litter that were born Caesarian at Creature Comforts on 3/12/12.
Jennifer Silliman was the breeder.

Dear all —

Thanks for the best care while I was sick and making me feel better. Mommy is sending you this so you can see that I have adjusted well upon my arrival back home. BTW my sister had a very dirty face when I arrived home (I do her grooming for her daily), so that was the first thing on the agenda for me to accomplish. Again thanks for the best of the best care and I am eating and laying in the sun (also chilling on the bed). Mommy says thanks too!

Love Sienna!

River Sorrenti

We miss you Angel

Dec. 1, 2010 – Aug. 15, 2011 – Angel you will always be in our hearts and we will always miss you! We love you so very much baby!

Super Oreo

Oreo winner Oero winner 2
Super Oreo was the winner of a Halloween contest in October of 2010. Way to go Oreo!!!

Posted on 7/3/2011

I’m ready for the snow Mom!

Oscar belongs to our technician Kristy and is one of our blood donors.

Submitted by: Kristy Purdy Posted on 3/4/2010


God didn’t bless you with a long life, but you were greatly loved.

Submitted by: Yancy Bixler Posted on 3/24/2004

PIg’s Ear Nap

Sandy, sleeping with a pigs ear in her mouth!

Submitted by: Patty Capozzolo Posted on 3/23/2004

We Love You, Boobers!

Brandy Lilly, born Nov. 1990 – died Feb 8th, 2004
We love you Boobers!

Submitted by: Debra Lilly Posted on 3/22/2004

Whoa, dude!

Turbo took this self-portrait while waiting for his laundry to finish.

Submitted by: Brian Kopp Posted on 3/22/2004