www.aahanet.org – American Animal Hospital Association.

www.aerokat.com – Shows information about pet inhalers.

www.aspcapetinsurance.com – ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

www.avcadoctors.com – Vet Chiropractic Association.

www.avma.org – American Veterinary Medical Association.

www.caninecancerawareness.org – Canine Cancer Awareness

www.carecredit.com – Credit Card That Be Used For Both Pets and Some Human Medical and Dental Expenses.

www.catsincrisis.org – Cats In Crisis

www.catsitting.net – Cat sitting locations all over the USA!

www.embraceyourpet.com – Embrace Pet Insurance

www.enchantedlearning.com – Very cute information site for kids.

www.facebook.com/DiabeticCatsInNeed – Diabetic Cats In Need

www.facebook.com/pages/Creature-Comforts-Veterinary-Service/186016893972 – Creature Comforts FaceBook

www.fdmb-cin.blogspot.com – Diabetic Cats In Need

www.fritzthebrave.com – Shows how to use inhalers for pets.

www.gopetplan.com – Pet Plan Pet Insurance

www.healthypet.com – AAHA sponsored information site.

www.myhealingpath.com – Natural healing through herbs and energy work

www.petchance.org – Financial Assistance Available Through Non-Profits

www.petinsurance.com – VPI Pet Insurance

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www.veterinarypartner.com – Complete source of information.

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